Games And Learning Alliance Conference (GALA), Greece

Dec 29 2019

The Games and Learning Alliance conference is an international conference dedicated to the science and application of serious games. The conference aims at bringing together researchers,developers, practitioners and stakeholders. The goal is to share the state of the art of research and market, analysing the most significant trends and discussing visions on the future of serious games. Serious Games Association was fortunate to be at the event this year to experience the rich scientific presentations and warm hospitality of the organisers. The conference is organized by the Serious Games Society, that is building a scientific community at international level for shaping future research in the field. This community represents a significant blend of industrial and academic professionals committed to the study, development and deployment of serious games as really useful and effective tools to support better teaching, learning, training and assessment. Serious Games Association is looking forward to work closely with the Serious Games Society in the coming years. For more details of the event, please login to:

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